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Aluminum foil printability

Smooth surface characteristics,

Printing with aluminum foil printed materials,

With other paper Indian gold,

Bank of India compared to the process,

The visual effect is more beautiful and impressive.

Aluminum foil printability

Mainly depends on the printability of the aluminum foil.

Structured aluminum foil, is not porous, the surface close to the mirror effect, so it does not have, like paper

Penetration of the adsorption properties,

The ink adhered only rely on its secondary intermolecular bonding force,

Ink and aluminum foil

The surface of the intermolecular forces,

Aluminum foil printing with offset printing work art difficulties ink does not

The back of good and poor drying and put away soiled.

Need to pay special attention to a few points,

Will be mentioned in detail here:

1,The conjunctiva oxide, control the temperature of the environment, temperature, kept to a minimum forliquid injection quantity of dampening fluid to accelerate ink


2,Control ink printability.

3, Select the appropriate ink. The drying mechanism must conjunctiva oxide-based, existing aluminum foilspecial ink,

Compared with the ordinary offset printing ink, special ink having a good transfer performance; strongercoloring force,

A thinner ink film thickness can be obtained sufficient density; better drying performance; conjunctivalgreater strength of the ink layer, printing

Track firmer wear.

4,Ink should not be too thick. Due to the smooth surface of aluminum foil, poor absorption, so it is necessary to increase the ink

Mobility between the blanket and the ink to reduce the suction force, to enable appropriate under pressuresmoothly

Transferred onto the aluminum foil paper.

5,Appropriately increase the driers heavy volume.

6, The dusting or put every bin, so that the sheet layered placed to prevent the back of the soiled.


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