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The aluminum foil paper classification

Aluminum foil can be divided into two categories:

The first: Pure aluminum foil paper (foils)

Thickness: 0.012 0.05 MM

Usage: candy packaging, chocolate packaging, tea packaging, toys packaging, flower packaging, barbecue packaging, hairdressing supplies packaging, moon cake packaging

Pure aluminum foil common for hairdressing supplies

The second: Laminated Aluminium Foil Paper

Thickness: 50 gsm to 100 gsm

Usage: candy packaging, chocolate packaging, tea packaging,  cigarette gradepackaging, hawthorn piece of chewing gum packing, handicrafts packaging, gift packaging, toys packaging, flower packaging,butter packaging,hamburger sandwich packaging

Laminated foil paper common for cigarette grade packaging

Why now all walks of life are so like to use aluminum foil wrapping paper?

Because the aluminum foil is not only beautiful, still can heat insulation, moistureproof, and tin is no harm to human body, metal lead is harmful to human body.

Ancient people with tin to purify water, now some food (example compressed biscuits, etc.) outside is done with a layer of foil to wrap, to prevent deterioration. So metal tin "sheng water sweet, mellow wine wine, tea taste the same, flower arranging flowers for a long time" the said. Can be at ease use.

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